The department offers minors in psychology and neuroscience that can play a major role in rounding out the degree students earn, and the difference they go on to make.


To minor in Psychology, you must take 6 Psychology courses:
  • PSY 201(General Psychology)
  • 1 course from 3 of the following 4 areas:
    (see course offerings for details)
  • 2 additional Psychology courses

Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology for more information and/or for assistance in selecting courses that are the best match for your interests and major field of study:

Dr. Marcie Goeke-Morey
308 O'Boyle Hall



Because this is an interdisciplinary minor, students are required to take six classes in at least two departments.

Please note: School of Arts & Sciences policy states, "No more than two courses in a minor or certificate may 'over lap' with the student's requirements for the major or other minors or certificates."

One of the two following courses must be completed (only one may be counted towards the minor):

  • BIOL 105: Mechanisms of Life I
  • BIOL 232: Human Anatomy & Physiology I

At lease one of the following two courses must be completed (both may be counted towards the minor):

  • PSY 304: Brain and Behavior
  • BE 421: Neural Control of Movement

Three or Four Elective courses:

  • PSY 345: Clinical Neuroscience
  • PSY 371: Sensation & Perception
  • PSY 375: Psychology of Memory
  • PSY 376: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 385: Psychology of Brain Injury
  • PSY 444: Developmental Neuroscience
  • PSY 446: Cognitive Disabilities
  • SSS 653: Attachment Theory and Neurobiology
  • BE 428/528: Rehabilitation Engineering
  • BE 437/537: Neural Tissue Engineering
  • BE 481/581: Medical Imaging
  • CSC 551: Pattern Recognition
  • CSC 583: Geometry Processing in Computer Graphics and Vision
  • Students may complete three units of Independent Study, Research, or an Internship in a Neuroscience-related field (after approval) as an Elective course. The following course listings can be used: PSY 493 (because this is a one-credit option, it would be necessary for students to complete three semesters of PSY 493), PSY 495, ENGR 494. Only 3 units of research/internship (the equivalent to one course) may count towards completion of the minor.

Additional course may be considered for elective credit-consult with a Neuroscience faculty advisor.

Contact a Neuroscience faculty advisor for more information and/or for more assistance in selecting courses that are best matched for your interests and major field of study:

Dr. Nancy Adleman
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology