The B.S. program in Psychological and Brain Sciences provides a strong foundation in the cognitive and neurological bases of behavior and a rigorous plan of math and natural sciences. The B.S. degree is an appealing option for students who are interested in following a pre-med or some other health sciences tracks, or pursuing a neuroscience related field.

Majors in Psychological and Brain Sciences are required to take a total of 13 courses in psychology, including General Psychology (PSY 201), Introductory Statistics (PSY 322 or HSSS 203, includes lab), General Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 350, includes lab), which are prerequisites for Senior Seminar (PSY 451). Our B.S. includes a strong focus on the cognitive and neurological bases of behavior, and on research. Rather than one elective course each in experimental and clinical psychology, students must take four specific courses: Brain and Behavior (PSY 304), Sensation & Perception (PSY 371), Cognitive Psychology (PSY 376), and Clinical Neuroscience (PSY 345).

Out of the five remaining electives in psychology, two courses must be selected from the 300/400 level courses, one course must be in developmental psychology, and one course must be in social/personality psychology. Additionally, students are required to do three credits of research for the B.S. in Psychological Sciences.

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