All students who major in Psychology are advised the summer before freshman year by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. That fall, they are assigned to a Psychology professor who will advise them freshman year in organizing their studies, choosing classes, and thinking about future career development.  Some students will remain with this academic advisor for all four years, while others will be reassigned after freshman year to a new advisor for their remaining time at Catholic University. The Director of Undergraduate Studies is also available to all students needing guidance.

In addition to registration advising, students should meet with their advisors often about career or graduate school plans; the more their advisors know about them and their interests, the better the advice they can receive. If you would like to talk to your advisor, email him/her to set up a time to meet. If you do not know the name and email address of your advisor, check Cardinal Station for this information, or email Dr. Goeke-Morey ( 

The Psychology Department also offers a special "Peer Mentoring" program for freshman Psychology majors. Psych Peer Mentors are more advanced Psychology majors who have volunteered to be a source of information, advice, and support for new students at the beginning of their education in the field.  These students contact incoming freshmen over the summer and continue to stay in touch over the course of the first year.