Our program has made the GRE General Test optional for admission to the fall 2024 class. Applications without GRE scores will be given equal consideration. If applicants have GRE scores, they may submit scores and they will be considered by the admissions committee.

Additionally, all interviews will be held virtually this year.  Applicants who are admitted to the program after the interviews will be invited to come on campus to meet the faculty and students.

Our admissions process is designed to maximize the likelihood of a good fit of students with our program goals, faculty interests and expertise, and collegial atmosphere, so that all admitted students can become fully engaged and satisfied in their work and in the community of peers. The program does not utilize GRE or GPA “cutoffs” and instead reviews all applicants. Each application is read carefully, including the applicant’s previous research and clinical experiences, letters of recommendation, personal statements indicating the applicant’s interests and goals, grades, test scores, as well as unique contributions they may offer to an incoming class.


The interviews allow both the program and the applicant to gain knowledge about each other that assists in decision making. Our experience is that the interview is an extremely valuable aspect of the application process for applicants to become better acquainted with our program, faculty, and students.

Those offered places in the fall cohort have until April 15 to make a decision about whether to accept the offer of admission, in keeping with the agreement among graduate psychology programs in the United States.