The Psychological Science M.A. degree is an ideal program for those:

  • Planning to apply to Ph.D. programs but needing additional Psychology experience.
  • Looking to gain additional Psychology research experience.
  • Hoping to change their field of study if they lack a Psychology undergraduate background.

Our acceptance rates for Ph.D. (clinical, developmental, neuroscience) and Psy.D. programs are consistently higher than national averages.

86% of recent M.A. graduates were an author on a paper or poster presented at a scientific conference.

83% of recent M.A. graduates were an author on an article in a scientific journal or a chapter in a book. 


The M.A. in Psychological Science is a thesis-optional terminal degree awarded after 31 hours of coursework. Required courses are designed to provide training in statistics and research methodology and a breadth of coverage in several content areas including clinical, cognitive, developmental, experimental, neuroscience, and social psychology.

Strengths of the Psychological Science Program

  • 95% of students complete the program in 2 years, with no summer requirements.
  • Our match rate for students applying to doctoral program exceeds the national average: this past year, 100% of our students were accepted into doctoral programs.
  • All of your classes are graduate-level, with an opportunity to take doctoral-level courses. This means that many Ph.D. programs will allow you to transfer these credits.
  • A diverse selection of classes allows you to tailor your studies to your interests.
  • Many opportunities to work as a Research Assistant in faculty labs. Our M.A. students have the opportunity to conduct independent research projects while in the program.
  • Take advantage of being in Washington, D.C., by working as a Research Assistant at local institutions. Recent placements include: Children's National Medical Center, Veteran's Administration Medical Center, National Institute of Health (NIH), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), and many others.
  • Opportunities to be authors on journal articles and conference paper and poster abstracts.
  • Supportive faculty who are invested in your professional development and available to advise you on job opportunities and graduate school applications.
  • A supportive student body.
  • The option to complete a thesis.

The Psychological Science master's program is an appropriate program for students with many different backgrounds and is designed for individuals who either:

  • Intend to seek a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in psychology but do not have adequate undergraduate training and/or research experience. Recent students in the Psychological Science program who completed a Research Assistantship have been very successful in being accepted into clinical, counseling, developmental, and experimental psychology Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs.
  • Hope to find career opportunities in areas related to psychology. Our M.A. degree in Psychological Science is valued in many different employment settings such as human relations, marketing, advertising, education, management, arbitration, lobbying, and business.
  • Degree Requirements

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  • Program-Specific Application Requirements

    Some of the graduate programs in Psychology have additional required application materials beyond the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Application and its requirements.

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