Lauren B.

Future Plans: Accepted and Enrolled in the Clinical Psych Ph.D. program at Louisiana State University
Catholic University Psychological Activities: Research at the Cognitive Science Lab and the Cognitive Aging Lab, as well as a 2-year Research Apprenticeship in which I was a confederate in a study on anxiety and social skill.
Psychological Activities Beyond Catholic University: Worked at the NIH Unit on Growth and Obesity, Research Assistant for feeding study on pediatric obesity.
Most Psyched About… The one-on-one relationships I've found here with the faculty and staff, and the guidance they have provided.

Allie B.

Future Plans: Ph.D. in Child Clinical
Catholic University Psychological Activities: The past year I've been doing a Research Apprenticeship on campus with one of the grad students helping her out with her dissertation research and a study she was doing in association with NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) on the effects of alcoholism on emotional perception.
Psychological Activities Beyond Catholic University: I was an intern at the Child Life Council in Fall of freshman year. Starting in the Fall of my junior year I'll be interning at NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) assisting with research on binge eating in children - how it works and how to treat it and prevent it.
Most Psyched About… The faculty - they're absolutely amazing.

Michael B.

Future Plans: Premedical Studies Program, Medical School
Catholic University Psychological Activities: I am a member of Psi Chi and have worked in both the Virtual Reality Lab and the Cognitive Psychology Lab.
Psychological Activities Beyond Catholic University: I tested subjects at the National Institutes of Health while working in the Cognitive Psychology Lab at Catholic University. I have also spent my summers during college working as a counselor at Camp Manito, a summer camp for children with physical and mental disabilities located in Northern Delaware.  
Most Psyched About… The professors in the Psychology Department at Catholic University are some of the best instructors that I have had. The class sizes at Catholic University are small enough to really get to know your professors. The professors are open to getting to know their students, and take a sincere interest in their students' educational experience. They also provide students with the opportunity to gain research experience either in the labs present at Catholic University, or through opportunities elsewhere that they inform their students about. I don't think I've gone one week at Catholic University without receiving an email from Dr. Glass informing the psych students of possible internships and job opportunities in psychology.

Kara E.

Future Plans: After graduation I plan to spend a year in service with the Jesuit Volunteers, hopefully specializing in the area of counseling. I then wish to go onto graduate school in the pursuit of Psy.D. in either clinical or school psychology.
Catholic University Psychological Activities: Psi Chi and Pi Gamma Mu (National Honor Society of Social Sciences).
Most Psyched About… I would have to say that my favorite part of being a psychology major at Catholic University is the incredible faculty. Their dedication to the students as well as enthusiasm in and out of the classroom is remarkable. They are able to provide the one on one attention in small classroom settings that would not happen at larger colleges and universities. I think this unique experience truly enhances the value of my education. I have also been fortunate to have the opportunity while at Catholic University to put lessons that I have learned in my psychology classes into practice. The biggest example I have seen of this so far has been working as the Student Coordinator for Orientation next year. This experience has allowed me to use skills and apply theory that I have acquired as a psychology major.

Annie H.

Future Plans: A two-year research assistantship on eating disorders in the New York State Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University in New York
Catholic University Psychological Activities: President of Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology); Research Apprenticeship on adolescent suicide; tutoring Psych Statistics through ATLAS
Psychological Activities Beyond Catholic University: CrisisLink Suicide Hotline (located in Arlington, VA), Research assistant program at NIMH (National Institutes of Mental Health) and NICHD (National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development) in Bethesda, MD
Most Psyched About… The individualized help from the teachers. Every psych teacher seems to truly care about their students' progress both in their classes and in their future careers. I would have never had all the wonderful opportunities I have had over the last four years if it hadn't been for the help of the psych faculty and staff (and I would never be going to Columbia in June!). These teachers absolutely go that extra mile, which I have greatly appreciated. Additionally, I have really enjoyed the classes. I have never found a psych class dull, even if it wasn't exactly in my area of interest.

Danielle O.

Future Plans: Accepted and Enrolled in the Family and Marriage Therapy program at Pepperdine University.
Catholic University Psychological Activities: Research Assistant for the Cognitive Aging Lab, and a two-year Research Apprenticeship in which I coded data in a study on anxiety and social skill, and anxiety surrounding the Bar exam. Psi Chi Social Committee Chair.
Psychological Activities Beyond Catholic University: Worked for a rehabilitation center's Child Care Unit with 5-7 year-olds with cognitive and behavioral problems.
Most Psyched About… The experiences I've had in the Cog Lab have taught me so much about the organization and preparation for research, and seeing the inner workings has made me feel much more confident that I'll be comfortable in grad school. And of course, the faculty is incredible. The small classes and individual relationships are just not available at larger programs or with less-involved professors. They are wonderfully intelligent, productive, and eccentric, and all interactions are much more enjoyable than they should be!

Nicole P.

Future Plans: I'm planning on attending law school after I finish the BA/MA program in psychology.
Catholic University Psychological Activities: I'll be the new President of Psi Chi my senior year and I have a Research Apprenticeship on a study of emotion perception in students with a history of alcoholism in their families.
Most Psyched About… I've really enjoyed doing the BA/MA program here. The classes at both the undergraduate and graduate level have been extremely interesting.

Renata S.

Future Plans: I intend on going to grad school to pursue a career in art therapy.
Catholic University Psychological Activities: Participated in several psychological studies at Catholic University.
Most Psyched About… I love the psych program at Catholic University because I will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree and not a Bachelor of Science degree. This is important to me because I wanted to be able to take many liberal arts courses. My favorite part about being a psych major here is the incredible faculty who has been very helpful and accommodating. Their doors are always open to students.

Jackie M.

Future Plans: Doctor of Physical Therapy at George Washington University
Catholic University Psych activities: Psi Chi Volunteer Committee Chairman, research assistant for three semesters
Psych activities beyond Catholic University: Research assistant at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Sleep Laboratory
Most "psyched" about… Catholic University Psychology has given me a great foundation for the future. Although I have decided to pursue a Physical Therapy degree, a psych degree is valued in almost any field. Catholic University and the DC area gave me a different work experience each summer, allowing me to explore what career was right for me.
Advantages to Catholic University and differences from other psych programs: The personnel at Catholic University were the deciding factor in choosing this program. I have received excellent advising, learned so much from our courses, and really have felt like part of community here. The DC area is thriving with opportunities, especially because of the consortium between DC universities.

Ricky G.

Future Plans: Clinical Psychology / Forensic Psychology
Catholic University Psych activities: Psi Chi, Cognitive Aging Lab, Research Apprentice, BA/MA program
Psych activities beyond Catholic University: Youth Crime Watch of America
Most "psyched" about: the amazing psych teachers and being in DC
Advantages to Catholic University and differences from other psych programs you've seen? BA/MA program: chance to get a Masters degree in 5 years

Salya N.

Future Plans: Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
Catholic University Psych activities: Psi Chi, Research assistant
Psych activities beyond Catholic University: tutor
Most "psyched" about: The professors, research opportunities
Advantages to Catholic University and differences from other psych programs: We have great research opportunities that help to prepare for graduate school. This is different from larger schools that I have seen...most don't offer research apprenticeships to undergrads. Also, the professors are very involved in the students' academics.

Kelly M.

Future Plans : Attend graduate school for clinical psychology in the Philadelphia area
Psych activities beyond Catholic University: I am currently applying to clinical internships for this summer. I have had jobs in the past that involved working with children with special needs.
Most "psyched" about…: One of my favorite classes I have taken in the psych department was Abnormal Child Psychology. I learned a lot about different child disorders. It was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to go into child clinical psychology.
Advantages to Catholic University and differences from other psych programs you've seen? With Catholic University being a pretty small University in comparison, I feel it is easy to make yourself known within your department. It is a lot easier to get extra help, and to get to know your professors and peers. This psych program includes a variety of interesting courses that will be beneficial for the future.

Meaghan M.

Future Plans: Right now I don't really have any definite plans for my future. I am thinking about going to law school after college. I would really like to pursue the psychology-law degree that is offered through Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.
Catholic University Psych Activities: I am currently taking a class called Psychology of Adolescence, which I really enjoy and find very interesting. In the beginning of the year, I fulfilled my research credit hours requirement for my General Psychology class by participating in a study involving virtual reality.
Psych Activities beyond Catholic University: None at the moment. However, over the summer I am planning to work in a pediatrician's office where I will hopefully be able to observe how the children react to the doctors and the environment of a doctor's office.
Most "psyched" about: When I was looking at colleges, I heard about many different psychology departments and curricula. However, Catholic University's psych department really stood out for me because of the friendliness of the faculty, the variety of classes offered, and the amazing internship opportunities in DC. Although I am only a freshman, I am very confident that I have made the right choice in pursuing psychology at Catholic University.

Tara K.

Future Plans: I plan to attend grad school, most likely in a clinical psych program and hopefully work either in a hospital or private practice.
Catholic University Psych Activities: Currently, I work as an RA in the Cognitive Aging Lab, led by Dr. Howard.
Most "psyched" about… the student/teacher relationships at Catholic University. Since the beginning, Dr. Glass, Dr. Howard, and all my psych professors have been the most helpful of all my professors and have taken the time to personally advise me and teach me more about the field. Working in Dr. Howard's lab, I've had a chance, my freshman year, to have hands on research experience and really get a taste of what grad school might be like. I really can't say enough about the professors and grad students at Catholic University - they've gone the extra mile to answer my questions and teach me this year.