All Psychology majors must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA and earn grades of C- or better in all Psychology courses; no course in the major may be re-taken more than once.

Psychology majors are required to take a total of 12 courses (and no more than 14) in psychology, including General Psychology (PSY 201), Introductory Statistics (PSY 322 or HSSS 203, includes lab), General Research Methods in Psychology (PSY 350, includes lab), which are prerequisites for Senior Seminar (PSY 451). Additionally, psychology majors must successfully complete a Comprehensive Exam their senior year.

At least one psychology elective course must be selected from each of the following four major areas: experimental, clinical, developmental, and social/ personality.  

The remaining four departmental electives can either be chosen broadly, or to develop more in-depth expertise in one of the above areas.

Typically, students complete PSY 201, 322, 350, and at least one elective course in Psychology by the end of the sophomore year. Those who initially get below a grade of C- in two of the following courses (PSY 201, 322, 350), or do not successfully complete a required Psychology course after a second attempt, will be dismissed from the major.

Students have the opportunity to earn course credit for hands-on research experience (Research Apprenticeship, PSY 493) and for Psychology Internships (PSY 495) at numerous sites in the Washington, DC area. Juniors with at least a 3.7 GPA who are involved in ongoing research with a department faculty member may apply to do a Senior Thesis (PSY 496) with Department consent.

Suggested Sequence of Courses

Freshman Year
Fall: PSY 201 General Psychology  
Spring: PSY elective

Sophomore Year:
Fall: PSY 322 Introductory Statistics (completes the Math requirement), plus 1 PSY elective
Spring: PSY 350 General Research Methods, plus 1 PSY elective

Junior Year:
Fall: *PSY 322 (or HSSS 203 if an honors student) If you have not yet taken (& passed with a C-), take PSY 322 summer (online) or fall

2 additional psych courses

Fall/ Spring: PSY 48#  Labs                                                                                                                              

Consider adding if you have taken PSY 350 Research Methods   It’s only 1 credit–take in addition to your other 5 classes

Senior Year:
PSY 451 Senior Seminar (fall), 2-3 PSY electives