The Catholic University Department of Psychology is pleased to announce the initiation of the Beryl Anderson Dissertation Research Award program.

The Department of Psychology will provide a limited number of Dissertation Research Awards for graduate students who are candidates for a Ph.D. in Clinical or Applied/Experimental Psychology. Funds will be awarded to students to support non-personnel costs directly associated with their dissertation research project. The number of awards granted will depend upon the number of applications and available funds. The average award is expected to be around $500.

There will be 3 deadlines each year for applications: March 1, July 1, and November 1.

To be eligible, students must:

  1. Currently be enrolled in the Clinical or Applied/Experimental Ph.D. program.
  2. Have had their 2-page dissertation topic proposal approved by the Department of Psychology faculty and submitted to the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.
  3. Have submitted the project for CUA IRB approval if the project requires such approval.
  4. Have already applied for dissertation research funding from at least 1 other organization (see the “Dissertation Funding Resources” link on the Research page of the Department of Psychology website).

To apply, students should submit:

  1. A completed “Dissertation Research Awards Application Form” 
  2. The 2-page dissertation topic proposal.
  3. A 1-page (maximum) summary of the funds requested, why these funds are needed to support the study, and a detailed budget for how these funds will be used.
Students should submit 3 copies of each of these application materials to Vince Bunuan (, Academic Specialist, by 4 p.m. on the day of the above listed deadlines.

Students will be informed of the outcome of their application within 1 month of the submission deadline.